• Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Dear Customer,

Hope you are doing well, we have received a complain this morning from our customer that his Credit Card information was compromised and the unauthorized transaction was made on different online websites.
We fully understand the frustration and concerns on losing the hard-earned money like that. we do acknowledge it can happen with anyone because we are providing self-managed services on the public cloud. 
To avoid this sort of security breach, kindly take these precautions:
  • Regularly change admin user password "Administrator" 
  • Never save sensitive information on VPS
  • Never save sensitive documents/pictures on VPS (remove them as soon the work is completed)
  • Always try to use google chrome incognito mode 
  • Always log out your windows account
  • Change the windows user password twice a month
  • Share your VPS credentials with reliable persons only.
  • Never share your credit card information or any sensitive data over any messenger i.e WhatsApp, Facebook messenger or any other messenger
Incase of outage of VPS or connectivity issue, feel free to contact us.